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Petitioners' opening brief, 12/22/2014

Joint appendix, 12/22/2014

Petitioners' reply brief, 2/18/2015


Respondents' brief, 1/21/2015



Adler Cannon amicus, 12/29/2014

Admin and Con Law Profs amicus, 12/29/2014

American Center for Law and Justice amicus, 12/29/2014

American Civil Rights Union amicus, 12/29/2014

Cato and Blackman amicus, 12/29/2014

Citizens' Council for Health Freedom amicus, 12/29/2014

Consumers' Research amicus, 12/29/2014

Cornyn et al amicus, 12/29/2014

Evanns amicus, 12/29/2014

Galen amicus, 12/29/2014

Indiana amicus, 12/29/2014

Judicial Watch amicus, 12/29/2014

Landmark amicus, 12/29/2014

Missouri Liberty amicus, 12/29/2014

Mountain States amicus, 12/29/2014

Oklahoma et al amicus, 12/29/2014

Pacific Research amicus, 12/29/2014

Rabkin amicus, 12/29/2014

Texas Black Americans for Life amicus, 12/29/2014

Virginia Delegates amicus, 12/29/2014

Washington Legal amicus, 12/29/2014


American Academy of Pediatrics amicus, 1/28/2015

AARP amicus, 1/28/2015

American Cancer Society amicus, 1/28/2015

AFL-CIO amicus, 1/28/2015

AHIP amicus, 1/28/2015

American Hospital Ass'n amicus, 1/28/2015

American Thoracic Society amicus, 1/28/2015

Asian and Pacific Islander American Health Forum amicus, 1/28/2015

Baggiano amicus, 1/28/2015

Bipartisan Economic Scholars amicus, 1/28/2015

Boyle amicus, 1/28/2015

Catholic Health Ass'n amicus, 1/28/2015

Eskridge et al amicus, 1/28/2015

Families USA amicus, 1/28/2015

Former Government Officials amicus, 1/28/2015

Harvard LS Ctr Health Policy Innovation amicus, 1/28/2015

HCA, Inc. amicus, 1/28/2015

Health Care Policy History Scholars amicus, 1/28/2015

Jewish Alliance LSA amicus, 1/28/2015

Lambda Legal amicus, 1/28/2015

Members of Congress and State Legislatures amicus, 1/28/2015

Casey to Nelson letter, 1/27/2015

Nelson to Casey letter, 1/27/2015

Merrill Metzger Gluck Bagley amicus, 1/28/2015

Nat'l Alliance of State Health Co-Ops amicus, 1/28/2015

Nat'l Ass'n of Community Health Centers amicus, 1/28/2015

NEA amicus, 1/28/2015

National Women's Law Center amicus, 1/28/2015

Public Health Deans amicus, 1/28/2015

SEIU amicus, 1/28/2015

Small Business Majority amicus, 1/28/2015

Trinity Health amicus, 1/28/2015

Virginia et al amicus, 1/28/2015

CASES (including earlier-stage King pleadings)

Pruitt v. Sebelius -- relevant pleadings

Plaintiff moves to lift stay, 7/27/2012

Order lifting stay, 9/12/2012

Plaintiff files amended complaint raising premium tax credit issues, 9/19/2012

Order, 9/24/2012: answer, or motion to dismiss, due 10/19/2012; if motion to dismiss, response due 11/16/2012

Motion to dismiss, 12/3/2012

Request for permissive intervention from Texas employers, 12/6/2012

Gov’t opposition to motion to intervene, 12/20/2012

Plaintiffs’ support for motion to intervene, 1/2/2013

State's op to motion to dismiss, 1/25/2013

Proposed intervenors’ reply in support of 24(b) motion, 1/25/2013

Government’s reply re motion to dismiss, 2/8/2013

Government's sur-reply opposing intervention, 2/8/2013

Order denying Texas employers' intervention, 3/4/2013

Government's additional authority notice, 7/8/2013

Plaintiffs' response to Govt's addl auth notice, 7/10/2013

Plaintiffs' additional authority notice (Liberty), 7/12/2013

Government's response to additional authority (Liberty), 7/15/2013

Government's additional authority notice (Big Spring), 8/2/2013

Order partially granting and partially denying motion to dismiss, 8/12/2013

Government's answer, 9/25/2013

Proposed briefing schedule, 12/19/2013

Court-ordered briefing schedule, 1/6/2014

Plaintiffs' motion for summary judgment, 2/18/2014

Unop deadline XT mo, 3/17/2014

Gov't's SJ op and cross-motion, 3/19/2014

Gov't exhibits, 3/19/2014

Plaintiffs' XSJ response/SJ reply, 4/22/2014

Gov't's XSJ reply, 5/19/2014

Plaintiffs' request to file addl auth pleading (Bay Mills), 5/29/2014

Plaintiffs' addl authority (Bay Mills), 6/2/2014

ACRU motion to file hard copy of amicus brief, 6/4/2014
(granted by minute order 6/6)

Govt response to motion to file hard copy, 6/5/2014

Govt response to request to file amicus brief, 6/5/2014

ACRU motion for leave to file amicus brief, 6/6/2014
(denied by minute order, 6/6)

Joint mo to submit supp auth (Halbig and King), 7/23/2014

Pltfs mo to supp record with Prof. Gruber, 7/28/2014, granted by minute order, 8/8

Govt op to supp record, 8/6/2014

Joint supp authorities, 9/9/2014

Summary judgment order, 9/30/2014

Judgment, 9/30/2014

Notice of appeal, 10/2/2014

Joint motion to expedite appeal, 10/13/2014

Scheduling order, 10/14/2014

Govt mo XT OB 7 days, 11/13/2014

Govt mo to hold in abeyance, 11/17/2014

Order holding in abeyance, 11/19/2014

Oklahoma's petition for cert before judgment, 11/20/2014

West Virginia et al amicus, 12/2/2014

Govt response to petition for cert before judgment, 12/22/2014

Gov't post-King status report, 6/29/2015

Parties' statement, 7/10/2015

Reversal order, 7/28/2015

Order to show cause, 9/8/2015

Halbig v. Sebelius -- relevant pleadings

Complaint, 5/2/2013

Motion/memo for summary judgment, 6/6/2013

Proposed summary judgment order, 6/6/2013

Gov't motion to stay summary judgment briefing, 6/13/2013

Pltfs' op to staying summary judgment briefing, 6/14/2013

Gov't reply re staying summary judgment briefing, 6/17/2013

Gov't additional authority notice

Pltfs' response to govt additional authority notice

Gov't motion to dismiss, with memo & affidavit, 7/29/2013

Pltfs' op to motion to dismiss, with affidavits, 8/9/2013

Pltfs' mo for default, 8/9/2013

Govt xt request re reply mo dism, 8/14/2013

Govt op to motion for default, 8/16/2013

Pltfs' addl authority notice (Pruitt), 8/20/2013

Govt reply supporting mo to dismiss, 9/3/2013

Halbig PI motion and suggestion of reassignment, 9/10/2013

Halbig reassignment order, 9/13/2013

Govt op to expediting PI, 9/16/2013

Govt request for xt re op to PI motion, 9/16/2013

Pltfs response to Govt XT request, 9/16/2013

Pltfs reply supporting expediting PI, 9/18/2013

Govt opposition to PI, 9/27/2013

Pltfs reply supporting PI, 10/4/2013

Procedural motions order, 10/15/2013

Govt supp dec re Klemencic

Transcript of PI/motion to dismiss hearing, 10/21/2013

Order denying motion to dismiss, 10/22/2013

Order denying PI, 10/22/2013

Transcript of decision, 10/22/2013

SJ scheduling proposals, 10/24/2013

SJ scheduling order, 10/25/2013

Govt SJ opposition and cross-motion, 11/12/2013

Govt SJ exhibits, 11/13/2013

Families USA amicus, 11/12/2013

American Hospital Ass'n amicus, 11/13/2013

Plaintiffs' SJ reply and cross motion for SJ op, 11/18/2013

Virginia amicus, 11/18/2013

Adler Cannon amicus, 11/18/2013

Govt's XSJ reply, 11/25/2013

Transcript of SJ hearing, 12/3/2013

Pltfs' additional authority (Carter 6C), 12/9/2013

Summary judgment opinion, 1/15/2014

Motion to expedite appeal, 1/16/2014

Procedural order, 1/17/2014

Opposition to motion to expedite appeal, 1/21/2014

Reply supporting expedited appeal, 1/22/2014

Scheduling orders, 1/23/2014

Appellants' opening brief, 1/30/2014

Joint appendix, 1/30/2014

Oklahoma et al amicus, 2/5/2014

Adler Cannon amicus, 2/6/2014

Cato amicus, 2/6/2014

Kansas et al amicus, 2/6/2014

NFIB amicus, 2/6/2014

Cornyn et al amicus, 2/6/2014

Galen Institute amicus, 2/6/2014

Appellees' brief, 2/12/2014

American Cancer Society amicus, 2/14/2014

Public Health Deans amicus, 2/14/2014

Members amicus, 2/14/2014

American Hospital Assn amicus, 2/17/2014

AHIP amicus, 2/17/2014

AARP amicus, 2/17/2014

Families USA amicus, 2/17/2014

Economic Scholars amicus, 2/17/2014

Appellants' reply brief, 2/19/2014

Govt addl auth notice (King), 2/20/2014

Halbig addl auth notice (late enrollees), 2/28/2014

Gov't response to addl auth notice, 3/7/2014

Gov't addl auth notice (class actions), 3/12/2014

Halbig motion to strike Gov't addl auth notice, 3/14/2014

Halbig addl authority notice (reporting regs), 3/20/2014 [fix]

Order deferring consideration of motion to strike, 3/20/2014

Link to oral argument recording

Transcript of oral argument

Appellants' addl authority (Bay Mills), 5/27/2014

Gov't's addl authority response (Bay Mills), 5/29/2014

Appellants' addl authority (Greenhouse Gases), 6/24/2014

Govt's addl authority response (Greenhouse Gases), 6/25/2014

Opinion, 7/22/2014

Order re mandate, 7/22/2014

Order denying as moot motion to strike addl authority, 7/24/2014

Govt's en banc petition, 8/1/2014

Plaintiffs' op to en banc petition, 8/18/2014

En banc order, 9/4/2014

Plaintiffs' brief, 10/3/2014

Joint appendix, 10/3/2014

Judicial Watch amicus, 10/3/2014

Adler Cannon amicus, 10/3/2014

Cato amicus, 10/3/2014

Kansas Nebraska amicus, 10/3/2014

Galen amicus, 10/3/2014

Cornyn amicus, 10/3/2014

Appellees' brief, 11/3/2014

American Cancer Society amicus, 10/30/2014

Certain Individuals with Preexisting Conditions amicus, 11/3/2014

Virginia et al amicus, 11/3/2014

AHIP amicus, 11/3/2014

Members of Congress and State Legislatures amicus, 11/3/2014

AARP NHeLP SPLC amicus, 11/3/2014

Families USA amicus, 11/3/2014

Public Health Deans amicus, 11/3/2014

Harvard Law School Center AIDS amicus, 11/3/2014

Economic Scholars amicus, 11/3/2014

American Hospital Association amicus, 11/3/2014

Plaintiffs' motion to hold case in abeyance, 11/10/2014

Order re abeyance, 11/12/2014

Voluntary dismissal, 6/29/2015

King v. Sebelius -- relevant pleadings

Complaint, 9/16/2013

Motion and memo for PI, 9/19/2013

Motion and memo for summary judgment, 9/19/2013

Govt's scheduling proposal, 9/30/2013

Plaintiffs' op to Govt's scheduling proposal, 9/30/2013

Govt's op to PI motion, 10/16/2013

Plaintiffs' overlength reply request, 10/18/2013

Plaintiffs' reply in support of PI, 10/23/2013

Plaintiffs' notice of additional authority (Halbig), 10/29/2013

Govt's response to plaintiffs' Halbig notice, 10/29/2013

Govt's SJ filings, or is it 12(b), 11/18/2013

American Hospital Ass'n amicus, 11/18/2013

Families USA amicus, 11/18/2013

Order denying preliminary injunction, 11/20/2013

Virginia amicus, lodged 11/26/2013

Adler Cannon amicus, lodged 11/27/2013

Plaintiffs' SJ reply/ cross SJ opposition, 11/27/2013

Govt's cross SJ reply, 12/6/2013

Pltfs' addl authority (Carter 6C), 12/9/2013

Govt's additional authority (Halbig), 1/15/2014

Plaintiffs' notice re Halbig brief, 2/5/2014

Govt's motion to strike notice, 2/5/2014

Plaintiffs' op to motion to strike, 2/5/2014

Memorandum opinion granting motion to dismiss, 2/18/2014

Unopposed motion for expedited briefing schedule, 2/21/2014

Tentative session assignment, 2/21/2014

Appellants' brief, 3/3/2014

Joint appendix, released 3/4/2014

Cornyn amicus, 3/10/2014

Cato amicus, 3/10/2014

Adler Cannon amicus, 3/10/2014

Oklahoma amicus, 3/10/2014

Kansas amicus, 3/10/2014

Galen amicus, 3/10/2014

Appellees' brief, 3/18/2014

Virginia amicus, 3/20/2014

AHIP amicus, 3/20/2014

American Cancer Society amicus, 3/20/2014

Public Health Deans amicus, 3/21/2014

Members amicus, 3/21/2014

Families USA amicus, 3/21/2014

American Hospital Ass'n amicus, 3/21/2014

Economic Scholars amicus, 3/21/2014

AARP amicus, 3/25/2014

Appellants' reply brief, 3.25.2014

Unop mo Virginia participate oral argument, 4/23/2014

King oral argument mp3 file, 5/14/2014
King OA

Appellants addl authority (Bay Mills), 5/27/2014

Govt addl authority response (Bay Mills), 5/29/2014

Appellants addl authority (Greenhouse Gases), 6/24/2014

Govt addl authority response (Greenhouse Gases), 6/25/2014

Opinion, 7/22/2014

Judgment, 7/22/2014

Cert petition, ? 7/31 ? 8/1/2014

Letter to USC Clerk re extensions, 8/6/2014

Govt letter to USC Clerk asking for extension, 8/27/2014

Sep 2 2014 Order extending time to file response to petition to and including October 3, 2014.

Amicus supporting cert (Cato), 9/3/2014

Amicus supporting cert (CCHF), 9/3/2014

Amicus supporting cert (Cornyn), 9/3/2014

Amicus supporting cert (Missouri Liberty), 9/3/2014

Amicus supporting cert (Oklahoma), 9/3/2014

Govt cert opposition, 10/3/2014

Petitioners' cert reply, 10/14/2014

Order taking cert, 11/7/2014

Petitioners' opening brief, 12/22/2014

Indiana v. IRS -- relevant pleadings

Complaint, 10/8/2013

Amended complaint, 12/9/2013

Motion to dismiss/memo in support, 1/31/2014

State's op to motion to dismiss, 2/12/2014

School corporations' op to motion to dismiss, 2/12/2014

Unopposed motion for XT to file reply, 2/20/2014

Indiana memo in support of summary judgment, 3/5/2014

"Joint motion" for consolidated oral argument, 3/5/2014

School corporations amended memo in support of summary judgment, 3/6/2014

Scheduling order, 3/7/2014

Government reply memo in support of motion to dismiss, 3/10/2014

Proposed sur-reply, 3/17/2014

Gov't response to motion for consolidated OA, 3/20/2014

Reply supporting consolidated OA, 3/28/2014

Gov't SJ op and XSJ memo in support, 4/16/2014

Gov't exhibits, 4/16/2014
Exhibit 1 - CBO, Key Issues in Analyzing Major Health Insurance Proposals (2008) (excerpts)

Exhibit 2 - Hearing Before S. Comm. on Finance (2008) (excerpts)

Exhibit 3 - Sara R. Collins, et al., Help on the Horizon (2010) (excerpts)

Exhibit 4 - CBO, Analysis of Health Insurance Premiums (2009)

Exhibit 5 - CBO, Updated Estimates of the Effects of Insurance Coverage Provisions (2014)

Exhibit 6 - H.R. Rep. No. 111-443 (2010) (excerpts)

Exhibit 7 - Blumberg and Holahan, health Status of Exchange Enrollees (2013)

Exhibit 8 - Roundtable Discussion, S. Comm. on Finance (2009) (excerpts),

Exhibit 9 - ASPE Issiue Brief, Health Insurance Marketplace Premiums for 2014 (2013)

Exhibit 10 - Declaration of Anne Marie Costello with attached exhibits

Exhibit 11 - Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, Healthy Indiana Plan Waiver Extension Application (2013)

Exhibit 12 - Jonathan Gruber, Health Care Reform is a Three-Legged Stool (2010)

Exhibit 13 - Hearing Before H. Comm. on Ways and Means (2009) (excerpts)

Exhibit 14 - 155 Cong. Rec. S13832 (2009)

Exhibit 15 - 156 Cong. Rec. H2423-24 (2010)

Exhibit 16 - Letter from Director Elmendorf to Chairman Issa (2012)

Exhibit 17 - 155 Cong. Rec. S12764 (2009)

Exhibit 18 - 155 Cong. Rec. S13559 (2009)

Exhibit 19 - 155 Cong. Rec. S13733 (2009)

Exhibit 20 - 155 Cong. Rec. S13375 (2009)

Exhibit 21 - 155 Cong. Rec. S12358 (2009)

Exhibit 22 - 155 Cong. Rec. S11964 (2009)

Exhibit 23 - H. Comm. on Budget Markup Session (2010) (excerpts)

Exhibit 24 - Joint Committee on Taxation, Technical Explanation of Revenue Provisions (2010) (excerpts)

Exhibit 25 - House Committtees on Ways and Means, Energy and Commerce, and Education and Labor, Health Insurance Reform at a Glance (2010)

Exhibit 26 - S. Rep. No. 111-89 (2009) (excerpts))(McElvain, Joel) (Entered: 04/16/2014)

School corporations' summary judgment reply/response, 4/30/2014

School corporations' exhibits

State's summary judgment opposition/reply, 4/30/2014

Government's request for extension of time to file reply, 5/6/2014

Government's XSJ reply and Healthy Indiana attachment, 5/28/2014

Stipulation for supplemental briefing, 7/28/2014

Plaintiffs' joint supplemental brief, 8/7/2014

Order on motion to dismiss, 8/12/2014

Government's supplemental brief, 8/22/2014

Government's notice of supp authority (Halbig en banc), 9/19/2014

Entry regarding oral argument, 9/24/2014

Plaintiffs' notice of supp authority (Pruitt), 10/2/2014

Government's notice of supp authority (King and Halbig), 11/17/2014

Order re possibly holding case in abeyance, 11/21/2014

Federal response, 11/25/2014

Minute order, 1/26/2015

Joint notice, 7/21/2015

Federal notice of addl authority (Ohio), 2/15/2016

Plaintiffs' notice of addl authority (Texas), 8/17/2016

Government's response to notice of addl authority (Texas), 8/24/2016

Opinion and judgment, 2/14/2018


Legislative history -- Senate Finance

Senate Finance Policy Options paper, 5/14/09

Chairman's Mark, 9/16/09

Chairman's Mark (revised), 9/22/09

Markup session, 9/22/09

Markup session, 9/23/09

Markup session, 9/24/09

Markup session, 9/25/09

Markup session, 9/29/09

Markup session, 9/30/09

Markup session, 10/1/09

Chairman's Mark redlined, 10/2/09

Markup session, 10/13/09

S. 1796, introduced 10/19/09

S. Rep. 111-89, 10/19/09

Legislative history -- Senate HELP

Section by Section Narrative, 7/15/09

S. 1679, introduced 9/17/09

Legislative history -- CBO

CBO analysis of HELP bill, 7/2/09

CBO analysis of premiums in Senate Finance Chairman's Mark, 9/22/09

CBO analysis of Senate Finance Chairman's Mark, 10/7/09

CBO Reid substitute estimates, 11/18/09

CBO premium estimates, 11/30/09

CBO coverage estimates, 7/24/12

Chairman Issa letter to CBO, 11/30/12

CBO letter to Chairman Issa, 12/6/12

Legislative history -- House side

Text of H.R. 3200 as reported to the House

H.R. Rep. No. 111-299 Part I (Energy and Commerce)

H.R. Rep. No. 111-299 Part II (Ways and Means)

H.R. Rep. No. 111-299 Part III (Education and Labor)

H.R. 3962 as it passed the House

Legislative history -- Senate floor consideration

Senate floor consideration with amendments that passed

H.R. 3590 as placed on Senate calendar, 10/8 and 10/13/09

SA 2786 to H.R. 3590, introduced 11/19/09

155 Cong. Rec. S11916 (Nov. 21, 2009) (Sen. Thune) (19 million to get subsidies)

155 Cong. Rec. S11964 (Nov. 21, 2009) (Sen. Baucus) (tax credits will help to ensure all Americans can afford quality health insurance)

155 Cong. Rec. S12107 (Dec. 2, 2009) (Sen. Grassley) (57 percent to get subsidies, 14 million won't get them)

155 Cong. Rec. S12358 (Dec. 4, 2009) (Sen. Bingaman) (Exchange and tax credits in every State)

155 Cong. Rec. S12378 (Dec. 4, 2009) (Sen. Enzi) (57 percent to get subsidies)

155 Cong. Rec. S12543-44 (Dec. 6, 2009) (Sen. Coburn) (impacts on Oklahoma, including doubts about running Exchange)

Amendment SA 2939 (Dec. 6, 2009)

155 Cong. Rec. S12764 (Dec. 9, 2009) (Sen. Baucus) (tax credits will help ensure that 93% of Americans will see premiums decrease)

155 Cong. Rec. S12779 (Dec. 9, 2009) (Sen. Durbin) (if you are making less than $80,000 a year, we will help you)

155 Cong. Rec. S12799 (Dec. 9, 2009) (Sen. Johnson) (Exchange and tax credits in every State)

155 Cong. Rec. S13375 (Dec. 17, 2009) (Sen. Johnson) (Exchange and tax credits in every State)

SA 3276 to SA 2786 as introduced, 12/19/2009

155 Cong. Rec. S13559 (Dec. 20, 2009) (Sen. Durbin) (15 million to get coverage through Exchange and subsidies)

155 Cong. Rec. S13687 (Dec. 21, 2009) (Sen. Coburn) (9-10 million people to be dropped by employers)

155 Cong. Rec. S13726 (Dec. 22, 2009) (Sen. Hatch) (states being coerced into regulating)

155 Cong. Rec. S13832 (Dec. 23, 2009) (Sen. Baucus) (states not being coerced)

Republican senators' references to CBO's estimate that large employers would pay $28 billion in tax penalties, 11/19/09 through 12/21/09

H.R. 3590 as it passed the Senate, 12/24/09

Legislative history -- between Senate passage and reconciliation

Doggett letter, 1/11 [?]/10

Commonwealth Fund comparison, ?referred to in Doggett letter?, 10/09 and 1/7/10

NPR story on Doggett letter, 1/12/10

Rep. Doggett on House floor, 156 Cong. Rec. H1865 (March 21, 2010)

House Republican presentation on ACA, 156 Cong. Rec. H177-H183 (Jan. 19, 2010)

Legislative history -- Senate side, March 2010

Joint Committee on Taxation, Technical Explanation of Revenue Provisions (March 21, 2010)

156 Cong. Rec. S1835 (March 23, 2010) (Sen. Conrad)

156 Cong. Rec. S1841-44 (March 23, 2010) (Sen. Leahy)

156 Cong. Rec. S1860 (March 23, 2010) (Sen. Murkowski)

156 Cong. Rec. S1948 (March 24, 2010) (Sen. Baucus)

156 Cong. Rec. S1962 (March 24, 2010) (Sen. Feingold)

Legislative history -- House side, March 2010

House Energy & Commerce paper on Exchanges (March 20, 2010)

156 Cong. Rec. H1871 (March 21, 2010) (Rep. Carolyn Maloney)

156 Cong. Rec. H2207 (March 22, 2010) (Rep. Michael Burgess)

156 Cong. Rec. H2423-H2424 (March 25, 2010) (Rep. Henry Waxman)

Legislative history -- HCERA

H.R. 4872 as finally enacted

Public Law 111-148

Public Law 111-152

Compiled PPACA